Become a part of the mission

Our team, the Arggonauts, have reached the semi-finals of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE as the only German competitors. Our aim is to break new innovative ground and to develop technology that has the potential to lead future deep-sea exploration in the right direction.

You have the opportunity to support us during this competition and to contribute to the exploration of the deep sea.

The Mission

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE offers a total prize award of 7 million dollars and encourages scientists and businesses from around the world to find new solutions to explore and survey the deep sea. Because of the deep sea’s extreme environment, this type of exploration has always been far too expensive. The aim of this competition therefore is to help overcome these hurdles of current deep-sea exploration.

Using unmanned deep-sea robots developed by the participants, the teams compete in two rounds of three tasks each within a fixed timeframe – one at 2,000 and one at 4,000 metres below sea level. The tasks are:


Creating a high-definition 3D map of the ocean floor


Taking a high-definition photograph of a predetermined target object


Identifying archaeological, biological or geological features of the ocean floor

About us

Together as a team, we tackle the mission to explore the deep sea. Our team consists of 26 employees from seven different countries, including scientists from the IOSB, freelance associates and students. This mixture of different perspectives and opinions provides an incentive for us and a foundation for the development of new and efficient ideas and solutions. We’ve got plenty of energy and enthusiasm and are passionate about what we do.