Get to know us

We are the Arggonauts. One team, one unit. We live eXtreme Innovation from the word go. We want to develop fundamental innovations for unresolved global challenges using new and radical ideas. We want to continuously develop ourselves and our technology, test new possibilities, move boundaries, fix our eyes on the deep sea and achieve progress for humanity.


How we work

We had only eight months to develop the idea into an operational product. To make the impossible possible, we follow our own agile project management approach – eXtreme Innovation. EXtreme Innovation allows us to significantly reduce the development time of this highly complex innovation project. Our process consists of the combination and further development of several project management methods. The aim of our work is to take giant technological leaps forward in a short space of time and at minimal cost.

We work together within our interdisciplinary team and offer each other mutual support with new concepts, ideas and approaches from several fields. This allows us to reach mutual understanding and transparency, creating the ideal basis for a successful innovation process.

We use practical trials of theoretically developed approaches to confirm or improve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using the eXtreme Innovation concept, we want to expedite and promote this and future projects to develop new key technologies in a strategic manner.